Financial Services

From your AR processing to vendor contracting, CPMG will reduce your overhead expenses and streamline your financial processes. When it comes to managing finances, our Finance Department is skilled in recognizing the unique needs of your medical practice. CPMG understands the complexities of healthcare reimbursement, managed care, and the regulatory issues that impact the financial health of your practice. Our experienced professionals can assist by offering a full range of financial services to help your practice navigate these complex areas.

  • Office cash control procedures
  • Daily deposits, reconciling, and posting
  • Payroll processing with direct deposit
  • Financial/statistical analysis
  • Monthly and annual financial statements
  • Budget preparation
  • Investment management services
  • Leasing/ROI analysis
  • Banking/Debt negotiations

Partnering with CPMG to manage your practice finances will ensure that you have proper and effective strategies in place. We will provide the tools needed to avoid financial pitfalls while minimizing your expenses and maximizing your productivity.