Why Choose CPMG?

CPMG is committed to serving the medical community as a full service Management Service Organization (MSO) offering affordable billing and information systems along with Human Resource and Financial services. CPMG fully understands the economics and demands of operating a medical practice. We recognize the need to efficiently manage the business aspects of a medical practice while physicians focus on the delivery of health care services.

CPMG strives to create a partnership with our clients and to ultimately become an extension of your practice. After more than 10 years of experience and dedication, our management staff has proven that our approach is a successful one and leads to long lasting relationships with our clients.

Teaming with CPMG will allow your practice the ability to adapt to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the medical industry. Ultimately, this will determine the future success of your practice.

Our corporate office is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with a regional office in Reading. CPMG currently supports a network of over 300 doctors and their business staff working within 70 medical facilities. The corporate office is home to over 80 professional employees who have a very diverse range of talent and education. Partnering with CPMG allows you to take advantage of professionals who hold MBAs, MHAs, CPAs, Certified Compliance Officers and Certified Medical Coders without the expense of employing these individuals.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our practice management services and solutions is that it affords providers time and energy to focus on patient care while leaving the business details of the daily operations under the scrutiny of the experts at CPMG.