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Central Penn Management Group (CPMG) is a comprehensive Physician Management Service Organization (MSO) that provides medical billing, consulting and administrative services and practice management solutions to the medical community.

  • CPMG strives to provide professional customer oriented business services for healthcare providers.
  • CPMG focuses on the needs of physicians and medical groups who may not, on their own, have the resources to take advantage of the latest technology or employ the expert staff needed to provide high level management and billing services for your practice and their patients.

CPMG is dedicated to offering clients flexible solutions which allow physicians and their staff more time to focus on patient care.

“In today’s unpredictable world of healthcare, CPMG offers a business solution that allows physician practices to be profitable, and offers the benefits of large scale business operations serving small to large scale practices.”

-Lee Meyers, CEO, Central Penn Management Group